VAREX 4336W v4 Flat Panel Detector

The 4336W v4 is a lightweight, wireless flat panel detector designed for digital radiographic systems. VAREX’s wireless detectors allow customers to take full advantage of superior digital image quality along with higher throughput, significant workflow efficiencies, and the potential to enhance patient care.

  • Fits standard 14”x 17” detector trays
  • Wireless communication enables easy migration between table, above the table, chest stand, and mobile cart applications.
  • Flexible enough to work with commercially available Access Points, or as a stand-alone Access Point.

The combination of the 4336W v4 wireless panel with the Avanse image processing software from Visaris Americas provides an excellent solution for DR upgrades in table and cheststand room based systems, as well as older generation mobile X-ray carts.

vTrigger Technology

  • A hardware-based solution that uses the signal generated on the detector to actively identify the presence of the X-ray beam pulse.
  • With vTrigger, the panel can be installed with no connection to the generator.
  • Insert the panel, make the wireless connection to the workstation, and vTrigger will enable the panel to detect.
  • Ideal retrofit package in medical applications, enabling an instant upgrade to digital.