RSNA 2016

Radiological Society of North America
Booth 6726 – North Hall

November 27 to December 1, 2016

VISARIS AMERICAS is proud to showcase the following systems from its robust DR portfolio:

Vision C – Fully robotic overhead tube crane (OTC) solution designed to meet the needs of Hospitals, Orthopaedic Centers, ER and Trauma rooms and busy Private and Out-Patient Imaging Centers.

  • Automatic stitching of up-to-five images
  • Lightweight OTC: designed to minimize motor strain on automated versions and decrease force requirements on manual versions
  • Integrated cable management allows the system to have smooth movements and eliminates the concern of draping heavy and bulky cabling.
  • Freestanding Qube available for rooms without unistrut rails in the ceiling structure

Vision V – Floor mounted tube (FMT) solution designed to meet the needs of all imaging environments that need the functionality of a patient table and wall stand to provide a larger range of patient positioning options.

Available in tiered platforms;

  • an automated version with a removable or fixed tablet to provide system positioning, adjustment of integrated generator settings and motorized collimation at a touch of a button,
  • motorized collimation can also be adjusted at the wall stand,
  • automated stitching and,
  • detector tracking on the wall stand and in the patient table.

The manual version of this solution provides full-room-functionality with smooth, easy movements for system positioning.

Optional fixed or elevating tables both with float top.


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