Vision V


VISION-V-1024x572Vision V is a modular digital radiography system with a standard configuration of floor mounted tube stand, vertical bucky stand and bucky table. With a range of advanced workflow and positioning features, Vision V is a high performance DR system offering unparalleled price-performance ratio. Modular stand design with optional motorisation can perform a wide range of general and specialized radiographic imaging in standard, chest only, table only or ER (mobile table) configurations. Portable wireless system console on the tube stand allows remote setting of generator, collimation and worklist for efficient workflow. Digital imaging system on a sophisticated, multi-language digital imaging console controls all system components and enables high level of exam automation for easy transition from film to digital imaging.

  • Motorised vertical and horizontal detector tracking
  • Sync mode and auto light-on when stand is in motion
  • Detachable wireless tube-side console for remote system control
  • Scalable generator power and high power tube options
  • Motorised collimation controls on bucky stand
  • Auto collimation on worklist with SID auto-adjustment
  • DAP meter with system (DICOM) integration
  • Exposure stop when tube not synchronised with detector



VISION-V-2-300x226Vision V incorporates a powerful digital radiography control and acquisition system (Avanse DR) with flexible single or multi detector configuration. System console with full DR functionality from patient search/entry, direct generator control, fast image acquisition and processing to DICOM image archiving and export offers unparalleled ergonomy and efficiency of the examination process. Intelligent, automated, procedure specific generator, collimation, stand and image processing organ program settings make Avanse DR optimal for high patient throughput with exceptional image quality. Imaging console seamlessly integrates with portable tube-side console, radiography stand and smart buckys on the Vision V system and can also be enhanced with a range of Digital Radiology components such as VisarisPACS and Visaris Diagon diagnostic workstation software to turn it into a complete digital radiology department.

  • Flexible detector configurations: fixed, portable, wireless 35×43, 43×43
  • High sensitivity detectors for optimal image quality
  • Integrated smart bucky with detector charging, rotation and removable grid
  • Detector orientation, grid, SID and stand position display on system console
  • Automatic exposure adjustment with changing SID and grid
  • Integrated Avanse service and remote support tools