Product Support

Dedicated User-Focused Support System

Timely and Targeted Intervention

Total commitment to empowering our partners to improve their performance and success levels through a reliable support, constant improvement and customization of all our products and services.

Visaris priorities when it comes to support are rapid response, availability, customization and product quality to ensure customers’ satisfaction in every situation.

Our support teams are made up of experienced engineers with years of experience in providing an immediate  support worlwide.

Out total commitment to support and service of the highest quality for all our Visaris Digital Radiology customers is ensured through:

  • Guaranteed response times (including immediate response)
  • Timely and targeted intervention
  • Quality Management Systems for constant service and support improvements
  • Readiness, reliability, and effectiveness
  • 24×7, 365 days a year
  • Online tracking, reporting and feedback