Vision C


Vision C is a universal DR system with fully flexible detector and stand configuration to meet all diagnostic radiography needs. Available in a fully motorised auto-positioning Auto configuration with manual override or a more conventional manual configuration Vision C can be tailored to your specific needs. Automated system positioning, exam set-up, acquisition and archiving as well as protocol driven image processing on the Vision C provides unparalleled imaging efficiency, experience of control and diagnostic accuracy and lets you realise all the advantages of a truly digital radiography.

The heart of Vision C is a highly mobile overhead tube standcapable of practically all radiographic techniques that can be combined with a range of patient table options, detector stands and combinations of fixed and portable detectors. From modest room sizes to spacious high throughput trauma imaging rooms requiring extra long travel Vision C can be configured to fit any diagnostic process or room requirement. Whichever configuration you choose, all system components are seamlessly combined into a fully integrated system controlled from a fully portable wireless console supporting advanced functionality such as auto-positioning and long anatomy imaging (stitching).


  • exceptional tube travel, SID and no cables to get in your way
  • smooth, programmable system positioning for all imaging techniques
  • motorised stand motion with manual override
  • fully mobile, wireless system console to set generator, worklist, stand …
  • range of patient tables available with horizontal and vertical tube tracking
  • elevating wall bucky with motorised tilt and tube tracking
  • intuitive, portable touchscreen user console on the tube crane
  • HF generator up to 80kW controlled from stand and imaging consoles
  • range of tube options up to 800kHU for exceptional throughput
  • symmetric 5 field AEC and integrated dose management
  • flexible, high-sensitivitydetector configuration: fixed, portable, wireless
  • powerful Avanse DR [link]imaging system
  • remote support with automated system diagnostics


visionC-R19-paralaxExceptional image quality ensures reliable diagnostics.Using only high sensitivity DR flat panel technology in 43×43 cm or 35×43 cm portable wireless format Vision C allows you to reduce dosages compared to conventional radiography systems and image all anatomies in high detail and contrast resolution. Up to 8 hours battery life and hundreds of images on a single charge, robust detector design under 3 kg capable of supporting up to 150kg and automated, protocol specific visualisation of all anatomies allows confident imaging on any platform including mobile patient stretchers. Simple detector housing design with detector rotation and charge-up capability further extends your workplace autonomy.

Advanced techniques such as long anatomy imaging (stitching), multi view imaging and multiple-visualisations of co-located anatomies without separate exposures make Vision C cost-benefit unparalleled. Integrated quality assurance modules enable long-term monitoring and management of patient dosages and rejected images to give you complete control of the imaging process and safety of your patients and co-workers. Whether you are trying to set stand position, modify generator parameters, process images or send them to PACS all system functions are available from a single sophisticated user console with simple, ergonomic graphical interface in your language.