Vision U


VISION_U-221112_-23_highVision U is a universal digital radiography (DR) system of the latest generation used for a wide range of general and specialist diagnostic imaging applications that enables efficient and flexible recording all the anatomies of mobile and immobile patients.

Direct digital acquisition with optimally adjusted, anatomy specific imaging and image processing protocols produces crystal clear visualisations of all imaged anatomies at significantly lower doses compared to film and CR devices.

A single system console seamlessly controls all active system components providing unparalleled user ergonomy and high workflow automation. No matter what you need to do – a general inpatient imaging or traumatised immobile patients – Vision U provides high patient throughput at outstanding diagnostic quality.


VISION U ProvidesVISION_U_new_parallax

  • motorised autopositiong of the device in all directions
  • programmable positions available on a remote control device
  • high-frequency generator controlled from main system console
  • high-quality digital flat panel detectors: 43x43cm fixed or 43x35cm portable
  • fast image acquisition with image on screen in a couple of seconds
  • automated exam set-up with patient search and worklist load
  • anatomy specific exposure parameters and image processing
  • DICOM archiving on PACS and CD, multi-image printing
  • high imaging performance at an affordable price